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A simpler, smarter way to get the most out of simulation

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Any room, any simulator or standardized patient, anywhere - all connected to a seamless experience that can scale as your needs evolve from a single space today, to hundreds of rooms tomorrow anywhere on the globe.

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Our optimized hardware solution covers all your in-room recording, debriefing and data collection needs with a single integrated appliance. Less to manage, maintain and power - making your center greener.

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With the dedicated Audiovisual Solutions team, CAE Healthcare provides expert end-to-end consulting, installation, education, and support. Our team is going to serve as your trusted partners for many years to come.

Record & Debrief

Record & Debrief

We understand sight and sound are equally critical, which is why our high definition cameras provide superior image quality with on-screen pan, tilt and zoom controls, and less than half a second latency when viewing live. Our professional grade microphones are tailored for high quality audio capture to ensure important audible information is clearer than ever. All pulled together and easy to view, navigate, and annotate from a single screen.

Evaluate & Assess

Create custom evaluation and survey instruments for learners, delivered at any stage during simulation teaching, practice or assessment. Customizable evaluations offer flexible scoring, weighting and bonus points, all electronically calculated for advanced, dynamic scoring reports.

Manage & Schedule

Manage & Schedule

Manage the logistics and resources of your simulation program from anywhere. Log in from home to fine tune learner workflows for tomorrow’s multi-station assessment. Log in from your handheld to assign last minute resources needed for this afternoon’s teaching session. And, at the end of the day, pull resource utilization reports to see who used what resources, when, and for what activity.

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LearningSpace Ultraportable


Record and review anywhere with this wireless battery-powered HD mobile system.

LearningSpace ONE


Our most affordable full-featured simulation recording solution ever.

LearningSpace Multi-Room


An enterprise-grade unified system for your entire simulation center.

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